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There are many types of deformities that can affect the foot and ankle. If you are having pain with a foot or ankle deformity, or if you have noticed a deformity getting progressively worse it is time to seek consultation with a Podiatric surgeon. Podiatrists have graduated from a 4 year podiatry school followed by a residency focused on the diagnosis and treatment of all problems associated with the foot and ankle. Some of the main deformities we encounter are

  • Flatfeet or Pes Planus
  • Hammertoes
  • Bunions
  • Tailor’s bunion
  • Ankle deformities
  • High arched feet or Pes Cavus

If you are concerned with any type of foot or ankle deformity give us a call so we can scheduled your appointment. We will thoroughly explain the cause of your problem and treatment options.

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